Over our 60+ years in the industry, there’s no surveying challenge we haven’t encountered and solved

Surveying and mapping is the backbone of our company. We provide accurate and reliable survey information to meet the challenges of the wide range services required by our clients. We do not attempt to have the latest gadgets but do strive to have the absolute best technology.

All of our field crew personnel are certified in OSHA, MSHA, MOT, TWIC, and utility safety and security training, as well as first-aid/CPR, meaning every single one of our team members go home safely after finishing the job.


The Pickett Hydro Team has specialized in providing bathymetric surveys in lakes, ponds, rivers, canals and near shore coastal areas for over 25 years. We thrive on the unique challenges these conditions present and have developed custom boats, trailers and equipment mounts to make us efficient and safe.

These services are carried out in a variety of water craft including canoes, skiffs, airboat and a custom designed Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV). Sounding sensors include an Odum Hydrotrac Single beam Echosounder and a Multibeam R2Sonic EchoSounder with motion sensor and RTK GPS Heading bundle. Data collection and office processing is accomplished with industry standard HyPack software.

Terrestrial LiDAR

Terrestrial LiDAR is best used for smaller projects that require a high level of detail. Utilizing our Riegl VZ400 terrestrial scanner and Nikon D810 digital camera, we have scanned over 50 electric generation substations for the power generation industry. These projects include establishing horizontal and vertical control. Horizontal control is to the State Plane Coordinate System NAD83 and vertical control is to the NGVD88. Typically, there are at least 20 scan positions that are collected and registered to the established control. The end result is one complete scene of the project.

We Provide Volume Calculations For:
Stock Piles
Construction Progress
Right of Way Structure Staking

Over the years, Pickett has provided hundreds of thousands of accident-free, man hours of construction staking services for some exceptionally large construction projects such as well as numerous old lands reclamation projects associated with the phosphate industry. All of our field crews are OSHA and MSHA certified. We’re proud to have construction survey crew chiefs that have been with Pickett for over 20 years.

We have decades of experience providing: Right-of-Way Surveys