Many of our engineers come from utility backgrounds, giving them a unique perspective and appreciation of the challenges our clients face.

Transmission line design (69kV – 500kV)

We have provided full life-cycle engineering services necessary to support 10,000+ miles of new lines, rebuilds, overhauls, re-conductors, shieldwire replacements and substation cut-ins with new and replacement structures comprising of lattice towers, and steel, concrete and wood poles across varying terrains.

Permitting Support

We couple our full-range of engineering expertise with support of the environmental permitting process and the construction planning and coordination with numerous local, state and federal agencies with informative exhibits, presentations, and submittal drawings.

Civil Engineering and Field Services
Our engineers have designed, permitted, inspected and assisted with construction management of the installation of over 1,000 miles of access roads and right-of-way improvements through wetlands, low water crossings, tidal crossings and unstable upland areas.
GIS & Field Services
Our GIS team facilitates the sharing of data, providing property information, wetland delineation, land use data and other geographic data between engineering and field services.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) offers faster and simpler decision making to meet the demanding needs of major projects from start to finish. Pickett offers the ability to analyze large amounts of data through a geospatial component, which allows our team and clients to simultaneously visualize projects as they progress through time.

The map portal enables our field crew team to take notes in the field and upload data in real-time, meaning our engineering team gets a head start processing field data. Data can then be taken from the portal and inserted into spreadsheets and reports that show project barriers, concerns and suggestions for improvement. This provides complete transparency throughout the project to ensure even the most difficult deadlines are met.


Our engineers have extensive backgrounds in analysis and design of concrete, steel and wood structures, and their associated foundations, as well as bridge and culvert design, retaining wall design and rehabilitation, and structural forensics and inspections.

  • Analysis, design and repair/remediation of direct buried, drilled shaft, pile-supported and marine foundations for steel and concrete monopole and lattice tower structures.
  • Analysis, design and rehabilitation of retaining walls for substations and access roads, as well as sea walls and transformer blast walls.
  • Complete structural analysis, design and detailing of substation control houses, including interior steel roof beams and columns, spread footings, hollow-core roof slab, slab-on-grade, wall perimeter footing, wall openings and embedded plate design for support attachments.
We offer civil design, structural design, and 3D modeling to complement our design, surveying and LiDAR services for substations. Pickett provides engineering services for substations from conceptual development through detail design and as-builts.
Our team has experience ranging from 4kV to 500kV, and comes with a plethora of experience in design, detailing, and modeling in 2D and 3D.
Renewables Integration Services

We work closely with developers and utilities to connect renewables to the grid by providing essential services such as site ground survey and aerial LiDAR & mapping, permitting support, site grading and access road designs, stormwater management and BMPs, foundation and structural design, GIS and project management support as well as UAS-based inspections. We are experienced in providing these services to solar arrays and wind farms, battery storage and inverter locations, substations and breaker stations, and transmission and distribution.

The Pickett team is experienced in distribution design for electric utilities. That experience includes: overhead and underground lines; new lines, relocations, and storm-hardening rebuilds; voltage conversions; recloser, switch, Tripsaver®, and fuse installations; capacitor and transformer installations; surge protection and grounding; lighting; and secondaries and services.