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We Solve the Problems that Matter

Engineering, Surveying and Mapping In-House

Our three core service lines are designed to complement each other.

Cutting-Edge Services

We offer more resources for better results. Our experienced team of professionals come together daily to combine and analyze data to ensure the work is produced efficiently, safely and accurately.


About Us

We provide transmission and substation design, project management, surveying, aerial mapping, and LiDAR services to clients throughout the US and Caribbean. This exclusive combination of in-house engineering and mapping services provides efficiency opportunities to our clients. For over 50 years, we’ve been recognized for our vast experience, first-rate service and exceptional safety practices.


At Pickett. You Matter.

Our offices are mindfully designed to be small enough so a family-like culture can prevail, but big enough to put multiple heads together on tough problems. We share work and clients between offices so you’re sure to have a few friends in a different state. We promise, your work will make a difference – both in the eyes of your team and your client.


Values and Brand Promises

At Pickett, our values are embodied within our work. Our employees live our values every day at work both individually and collaboratively. Our values conveniently use the acronym “SOLVE,” which is something we do every day at Pickett. We believe in: Safety first, outstanding service, lasting relationships, value teamwork, engaged culture.

As a direct result of what we value, our employees are always able to deliver our brand promise naturally. Our brand promise is to: Be a trusted partner. Anticipate challenges. Make it fun. Be accessible and approachable. Make it happen. We pride ourselves on delivering what we say we will the first time we do it.


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