Plum – La Grange, Riverside CB Add, Texas

T208 was re-routed to new substation deadend structures in the Riverside Substation and split into two separate lines. The assignment consisted of providing complete design services necessary for a circuit breaker addition at the Riverside Substation. Poles were designed with the ability to change location and have multiple configurations to work with the T208 Overhaul project, OPGW installation, and the instantaneous timing of the Substation construction.

Due to limited line outage availability, a shoe-fly was designed around the perimeter of the new substation site. The shoe-fly was designed with the flexibility to include a switch and the ability to remove jumpers to change the direction of feed for the line. Close coordination with Substation and Telecom Engineering was essential to determine the most effective structure locations and wire tensions, and to develop a logical construction sequence.

Project challenges included keeping the existing FEC substation energized throughout construction and keeping the existing fiber in service. This was accomplished by coordinating construction sequence with permanent and temporary configurations that required phases of design and construction. A temporary H-frame and a temporary fiber pole were designed and utilized by construction to aid in the transition from the existing configuration to the new configuration while maintaining the operational integrity of the line and substation. Several existing clearance violations were identified in the vicinity of the substation and remediated with the new design.

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