South Shore – Ground Grid and Lightning Protection Design, Florida

This project was a new 230kV to 138kV greenfield substation. Pickett designed ground grid and lightning protection plan for the substation in 2 phases. The first phase dealt with just the 138kV area of the substation and the second phase added the 230kV feeds and autotransformer into the substation.

Pickett wrote the soil resistivity measurement specification and reviewed the findings and report. Pickett also wrote an engineering study detailing ground potential rise and touch and step potentials available within the substation yard and another engineering study on lightning protection. Additionally, Pickett developed design drawings for the grounding plan and the lightning protection plan. Peer review QC of the studies and drawings was also conducted.

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  • Substation Electrical Design
  • Ground Grid
  • Lightning Protection
  • Grounding Studies