Byhalia Substation, Mississippi

This was a new 230kV to 13.8kV Greenfield Substation. Pickett designed foundations for transformer, oil containment pits, breakers, circuit switcher, switches, deadends, bay structures, and bus supports. The project’s foundation types include drilled piers, mats, slabs-on-grade, and spread footings.

Pickett reviewed substation equipment specifications for geometry, weight and connection details and determined requisite design loads (static/ dynamic), safety factors and deflection/performance criteria for foundation analysis and design purposes. Detailed foundation calculations were performed for bearing, overturning, sliding, tipping, where appropriate and design concrete foundation steel reinforcement. Pickett executed peer reviews and QC of calculations and foundations designs. Detailed concrete foundation drawings were completed, including concrete specifications, rebar schedules and general material notes.

Pickett produced detailed steel grating and platform drawings including layout, connection details, steel and bolt specifications, weld specifications and general material notes. Load specifications were developed for vendor designed structures, and Pickett reviewed vendor calculations and fabrication drawings.  Peer reviews and QC of detail drawings were completed.

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Design/Expansion of Substation Control Houses (75 to-date), Florida


  • Substation Steel Structure Design
  • Control House Design
  • Foundation Design, Including
  • Drilled Pier and Slab on Grade