Pickett’s Specialized Transmission Engineering Services Meet Your Utility Needs

Whether you need expert design of low-profile steel switch stands and foundations capable of withstanding hurricane force loads, or a maintenance access road crossing a wetland; you can count on Pickett and our client focused team of professionals to provide the deliverables you need to get the job done right.

Major water crossings, mountainous terrain, urban centers, and coastal areas all provide their own unique challenges with comprehensive environmental permitting, construction planning, and coordination with various agencies. Equipped with the latest in technology and decades of experience our clients rely on us to solve their complex engineering problems.

Industry Leaders

Pickett leads the industry with skilled engineers seasoned with extensive experience. Representative projects in our portfolio include a five (5) mile water crossing composed of direct buried concrete structures and another five (5) mile water crossing consisting of pile-supported steel H-frames.



Pickett’s senior engineering staff has modeled and analyzed over 10,000 miles of transmission lines for NERC FAC-008 and 003 compliance for multiple utilities throughout the Mid-Atlantic and the Southeast. This has allowed us to become industry leaders in the use of PLS-CADD finite element modeling and wire temperature determination for facilities ratings.

We have redefined the as-built process to deliver the most accurate as-built models, by mastering techniques using various finite element fit modes available in PLS-CADD. Using LiDAR acquired and processed by our own team of aerial and LiDAR professionals, we verify the installed sag and tensions. Weather data and line loading information determine the temperature of the wire for accurate tension determination.

Pickett’s engineers deal with existing steel lattice towers every day. With structural analysis and modeling using PLS-Tower, we can confidently move forward with overhead ground wire replacement, re-rates, telecom antenna installations and other projects.

Products and Services

Pickett’s engineering approach results in ease of construction, lower operational cost and improvements in future system reliability. While every client is unique in their requirements and challenges, our engineers have developed a strong understanding of how design philosophies and decisions uniquely impact the project and the client’s overall business.

Our transmission line engineering services include, but are not limited to:


Access management plans & traffic control plans
Clearing plans and work order package development
Stormwater pollution protection plan developmentTransmission line design (69kV – 500kV)New Builds
OHGW Replacements
Storm Response
Foundation design for direct buried, drilled shaft, pile-supported and marine structures
Design of engineered structures, special structures and structure load trees
Development of plan/profile drawings
Development of construction work order packages
Design and permitting of construction access roads through wetlands
NERC FAC-008 and 003 compliance engineering
Design criteria development
EMF analysis
Cost estimating and analysis
Development of federal, state and local permit drawings
Shop drawing review and coordination of vendor materials
Project management support services
Field engineering services
Construction specification review and development
Training and presentations
Distribution, joint use & DOT coordination
Joint-Use Transmission & Telecommunications

Structural analysis of monopoles and lattice towers
Structural analysis of joint use transmission structures
Design of new transmission structures for telecom attachment
Structural analysis of rooftops and antenna connections
Water tower analysis
Stealth site design
Permit and construction drawing development / lease exhibits
Steel platform design
Retrofit of existing sites
Equipment and shelter foundation design
Drilled shaft and direct-buried foundation design
Drainage calculations
Field engineering services
There is one obvious choice when experience matters; Pickett and Associates. Because we consistently provide responsively and quality service, clients often count on us as an extension of their own team.  Experience our superior customer service by emailing us today at info@PickettUSA.com. We look forward to hearing from you!