Pickett Purchases Optech G2 LiDAR System

Pickett is pleased to announce that we recently purchased the Optech G2 LiDAR system for use in our geospatial department. This cutting-edge new LiDAR system is unique in its versatility – it is two separate sensors that can be used as one dual LIDAR system, or split apart and used as two single LiDAR systems. This new system will increase capacity for projects and speed up turnaround time.

The G2 is a single production workflow that processes, calibrates, co-registers and outputs survey-grade LiDAR point clouds from both sensors, simultaneously. The sensors are oriented and tilted in opposing directions to provide optimum scan geometry and point distribution with the combined data streams, and this is the only sensor that can provide 100+ pts/m2, productively, from a fixed wing aircraft. Paired with a Phase One iXM-RS150F medium-format camera, this mapping system will increase our resolution as well as our efficiency to further benefit our clients. For additional information on our mapping capabilities, click here.