Pickett acquires SkyFish M4 UAS

Pickett is pleased to announce the purchase of a new SkyFish M4 RTK aircraft! This USA-made system is an innovative addition to our existing Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) fleet. The M4 system was designed using USA made components and assembled in the USA, complying with NDAA Sec. 848 (Federal Department of Defense) regulations and Florida Administrative Code 60GG-2.0075 (State of Florida) for use by municipal agencies.

The high-resolution custom integrated Sony a7R IVA camera on this platform provides 61 MP full frame images for aerial inspection, mapping, reality modeling, and public relations presentations. The real time display is also the “eyes in the sky” for emergency response scouting and disaster response planning. Using the onboard Skymind edge computing system, this platform can be integrated with AI applications to rapidly plan complex missions, identify maintenance concerns, and assess storm damage to utility infrastructure. We are confident that this system will help us respond more effectively to solve the problems that matter  to our clients.

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