Steeped in a rich tradition established by our founders and leaders, Pickett’s surveying services is at the core of our business. Since 1960, our survey group has provided a wide range of specialized surveying services for public, private and industrial clients, and we continually strive to build on our long-standing reputation of providing quality work and service.


We are proud to be celebrating over 50 years of service. Years in service alone doesn’t make us qualified; our people and experience do. Most of our crew chiefs have been with us over 15 years and on average each of our professional staff has been with the firm over 20 years. The longevity of our key people translates into familiarity with procedures, knowledge of logistics, and confidence in the team.


Our field crews have at their disposal the latest in survey measuring and communication technology, inclusive of robotic servo-driven total stations, dual frequency RTK GPS, terrestrial LiDAR, and statewide RTN licenses. All of our field crew personnel are proficient with the latest surveying and mapping technologies, and they are certified in OSHA, MSHA, MOT, TWIC, and utility safety and security training, as well as first-aid/CPR.


In addition to a well-trained and exceptional staff, we have over 50 years of records and an extensive library of projects that cover much of the State of Florida.