Continuing Pickett’s tradition of using technology to provide accurate, efficient surveying and mapping products, the airborne LiDAR (light detection and ranging) services team focuses primarily on the energy, mining, and land development sectors.  Our specialty is small- to medium-sized projects, and we can provide anything from raw data to a complete final product.


In the energy sector, we have performed aerial surveys of corridors with lengths of 1 mile to 100 miles, with a point density of 70 points per square meter, or more.  For the mining sector, we provide aerial surveys ranging in size from 1-acre stockpiles to several thousand acres, using the data to create digital surfaces and compute high-accuracy volumes for accounting purposes. Finally, land development projects range in size from 20 acres to 100 square miles, and occasionally more, with a detailed topographic survey being the end result.


We use one of the most advanced commercial LiDAR systems available in the industry today. The Optech GALAXY LiDAR sensor is one of many tools in our technologically advanced toolbox used for a myriad of LiDAR applications. When used in conjunction with our iXU-RS 1000 medium-format camera (see Imagery Technology), this system produces a complete picture of site conditions for a variety of uses.